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"Winter" Skin Care

(for dry or mature skin)

3 Basic Steps    Additional Products

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Helena Meyer "Winter" Skin Care Program

Many people have a combination of different skin type characteristics, but may have a predominance of one skin type over another. Because of the purity and holistic formulations of the Helena Meyer skin care line, many customers have used with great effectiveness products from more than one skin type category. The different skin type categories, represented as "Summer" (for Normal to Sensitive Skin), "Winter" (for Dry or Mature Skin), and "Spring" (for Oily and Acne Prone Skin), are meant to be a general guideline. In selecting products for yourself, go by what is most appealing to you and what feels right. However, if you want to take a more systematic approach to determine your skin type, click here to go directly to the easy-to-complete Personalized Skin Care Assessment questionnaire to get immediate feedback on skin type and product recommendations.

In addition to offering the "Summer", "Winter" and "Spring" skin care lines, Helena Meyer has formulated an extremely effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Program which is good for all skin types, and all ages, as well as products for specialized needs, such as extremely sensitive skin.
a smaller beautiful rose “Since using Helena Meyer products my skin has firmed noticeably, fine lines have practically vanished, the color is healthy and radiant and my skin feels alive.”     

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    C.S., San Diego, CA  

Do You Have "Winter" Skin?
bullet "Winter" skin is fine and dry!
bullet Pores are very small. Coloring may vary from light to dark.
bullet "Winter" skin under stress may have premature aging, fine lines, and dryness.

"There are NO synthetic or chemical preservatives in any of my beauty products. Synthetics or chemical preservatives would destroy the integrity and intrinsic intelligence of the ingredients. Nature has built in preservatives." - Helena


3 basic steps for daily skin care:

"Winter" basic kit:

Step 1: Cleansing


A silky aromatic cleanser that removes deep impurities and make up. Nourishes and softens skin. Simply a delight! ...tell me more.


Step 2: Toning/Hydrating


Lavender tones and hydrates. Making dry or mature skin soft and supple.
...tell me more.


Step 3: Nourishing/Moisturizing

Moisturizers 1 oz.
Choose one of the two rich and silky moisturizers to make skin soft & supple in an amazingly short time.


Reminiscent of grandma's herb garden. Soothes the skin and emotions.
...tell me more.


Exotic and rich floral fragrance - deeply regenerating and nourishing cream.
...tell me more.


Products For Specific Needs

For fine lines, mature skin or wrinkles. Add the appropriate product to your daily basic routine.


Deeply nourishing and regenerating - a rich cream for extremely dry and mature skin. Use at night for advanced skin rejuvenation. ...tell me more.


For dry skin, mature skin, fine lines & weak tissue - this is an ambrosia you cannot resist. And it's quick and easy to use!  ...tell me more.


Herbal synergy to regenerate skin. It has even removed scars for many clients. ...tell me more.