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What Customers And Experts Are Saying About Helena Meyer Products:


“Knowing that I am putting fresh and wholesome skin care products on my face makes me feel great. What I appreciate most is that they feel and smell so wonderful.”
    – Margareta Arvidson, former Miss Universe


“Helena Meyer skin care has visibly improved my skin texture after the first application: a smoother, more toned skin is apparent, with healthier color, better circulation, diminished lines, and an overall more ‘alive’ feeling and look. After awhile, even deep lines diminished. My clients love the naturalness and purity of the products, and I often hear comments like ‘they make me feel good and I look forward to my daily skin care routine’”.
    – Cindi Ward, Esthetician, Peoria, Illinois


“After the first application (of the Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program), the skin feels and looks softer, smoother. It has a natural blush for more circulation. Soon after applying it nightly, lines diminish. I see results even with deep lines, pigmentation and large pores. This is the most effective program I have ever encountered and the beauty of it is that it is totally natural. Now I never have to feel bad about recommending a product with chemicals that I know are not good for my clients.”
    – Cynthia Laughlin, Esthetician, Fairfield, Iowa


“Since using Helena Meyer products my skin has firmed noticeably, fine lines have practically vanished, the color is healthy and radiant and my skin feels alive.”
    – Carol Sheppman, San Diego, CA


“I’ve seen skin wrinkles disappear after one (Anti-Aging) treatment. The elasticity seems to improve in every case and it seems like the collagen comes alive. Circulation improves and skin color becomes healthier. I love the smell, consistency and purity of the products. Most of the comments I receive from my clients are about how it improves the skin, creates a feeling of overall bliss and well-being, and that they will not give this up for anything.”
    – Jamie Valentine, Esthetician, Durango, Colorado


“For years, I was plagued with break-outs, large pores, an uneven complexion and brown spots. The Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program cleared up my skin and refined the texture, and the pigmentation is almost gone. I look radiant and I love it! I will never use another skin care product after this great experience.”
    – Janet Mauer, Iowa City, Iowa


“I love to recommend Helena Meyer products to my clients. The products have a definite rejuvenating effect, and they are the purest I can find on the market.”
    – Maureen Sever, Esthetician, Seattle, Washington