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Sandalwood-Amber Cream Perfume

Certified Organic Ingredients


Every Helena Meyer product is handcrafted from certified organic ingredients with loving attention. When all nutrients are present, fresh skin care products are food for the skin, just as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides are restorative and nourishing food for the body.

Sandalwood-Amber Cream Perfume  


Sandalwood-Amber Cream Perfume


HM816 $34.00 - 1/2 oz.



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Features and Benefits

Made with the highest quality, pure organic oils. Helena Meyer has gone back in time and created exquisite and enchanting perfumes with exotic flowers and plants. Our Sandalwood-Amber Cream Perfume is a beautiful combination of fragrances. Our customers love this one!

Application & Usage

Apply to body as you would any perfume.


Organic jojoba, organic mission olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic grapefruit seed extract, natural amber resin, essential oil of sandalwood.