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Nail & Cuticle Oil

Certified Organic Ingredients


Every Helena Meyer product is handcrafted from certified organic ingredients with loving attention. When all nutrients are present, fresh skin care products are food for the skin, just as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides are restorative and nourishing food for the body.

Nail & Cuticle Oil  


Nail & Cuticle Oil


HM712 $12.00 - 1/3 oz.



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Features and Benefits

We created this marvelous Nail and Cuticle Oil and Cream for transforming brittle, dry, rough or uneven nails and ragged cuticles into a healthy and smooth look. For best results, use this oil with Cuticle Cream.


Application & Usage

First massage oil into nails and cuticles twice daily. Now apply the Cuticle Cream on top and massage into cuticles. For best results, apply Herbal Hand Cream on hands. See the change happening in front of your eyes.



Natural, cold pressed wheat germ oil (no GMO), organic castor and jojoba oils, almond extract, neem herb, organic lemon extract, organic lemon essential oil.