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 Men's Skin Care


Helena Meyer Skin Care Products 'For Him'

Men these days are beginning to understand that their skin also ages and needs care. All of Helena Meyer's skin care products are equally effective for men and women alike. Below we offer a special program for men which is practical, and the aromas are pleasing and manly.

For Him Herbal Cleanser 4 oz.


A clean, fresh aroma of organic herbs and milk. This will please any man!
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For Him Herbal After Shave 4 oz.


A refreshing aroma of astringent herbs, lime and peppermint. Feels refreshing and tightening to the skin. ...tell me more.


For Him Sandalwood Moisturizer 1 oz. / 2 oz.


This is the favorite aroma of most men: exotic, invigorating and musty. We get a lot of praise for this wonderful product. It is also often used as a shaving cream by our customers. Try it for yourself and let us know!
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