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Herbal Soothing Moisturizer

Certified Organic Ingredients


Every Helena Meyer product is handcrafted from certified organic ingredients with loving attention. When all nutrients are present, fresh skin care products are food for the skin, just as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides are restorative and nourishing food for the body.

Herbal Soothing Moisturizer  


Herbal Soothing Moisturizer


HM731 $20.00 - 1 oz.



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HM731a $34.00 - 2 oz.    



Features and Benefits

This light and herbal moisturizer is perfect for irritated skin.

Application & Usage

A bouquet of exotic aromas, organic herbs and oils these are the enchanting pure ingredients that make the cream silky and fragrant. It hydrates and nourishes the skin for a subtle, radiant complexion.
For best results, apply a small amount and massage into skin. Repeat application if desired.


Organic aloe vera, organic comfrey, organic gotu kola, organic Echinacea, organic chamomile, neem, organic golden seal, organic almond oil, organic essential oils of blue chamomile, organic roman chamomile, lavender vera and helichryssium.