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Cell Regenerating Rescue Cream

Certified Organic Ingredients


Every Helena Meyer product is handcrafted from certified organic ingredients with loving attention. When all nutrients are present, fresh skin care products are food for the skin, just as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides are restorative and nourishing food for the body.

Cell Regenerating Rescue Cream  


Cell Regenerating Rescue Cream


HM402 $32.00 - 1 oz.



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Features and Benefits

Our anti-aging treatment is a unique synergy of therapeutic certified organic herbs high in vitamins C, A and E. These ingredients create a powerful anti-oxidant that removes free radicals and the damage done by them. In addition, collagen responsible for skin's elasticity is restored. Our Cell Regenerating Rescue Cream removes toxins from cells, and feeds and restores elasticity of collagens to make skin soft and youthful and the complexion radiant.

Application & Usage

For best results, apply one very small dab on each cheek, spray a little Floral Tonic on entire face and massage everything into skin. Please note: it is important that you proceed exactly as instructed as this will create the right, light consistency and allow deep penetration, leaving the skin moist without oily film.


Organic mission olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic rose hip seed oil, organic borage oil, organic hazelnut oil, organic castor oil, organic evening primrose oil, Indian gooseberry, organic horsetail, organic green tea, organic gotu kola, schizandra, organic comfrey, organic ginseng, natural bee propolis, proprietary synergy of pineapple, lemon and grapefruit seed acids, organic essential oils of lemon and carrot seed, essential oil of benzoine, natural vitamins A, E and C.