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Cell Regenerating Formula

Certified Organic Ingredients


Every Helena Meyer product is handcrafted from certified organic ingredients with loving attention. When all nutrients are present, fresh skin care products are food for the skin, just as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides are restorative and nourishing food for the body.

Cell Regenerating Formula  


Cell Regenerating Formula


HM403 $28.00 - 1 oz.



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Features and Benefits

Our anti-aging treatment is a unique synergy of therapeutic certified organic herbs high in vitamins C, A and E. These ingredients create a powerful anti-oxidant that removes free radicals and the damage done by them. In addition, collagen responsible for skin's elasticity is restored. Our Cell Regenerating Formula (Balancing Complex) is an important step to balance skin, even out skin tone and make skin soft and fragrant.

Application & Usage

Clean face. It is recommended that you first apply a little Floral Tonic Plus. While the skin is still moist, apply a small amount of Cell Regenerating Formula (Balancing Complex) on face and neck. After 20 minutes rinse with tepid water.


Raw unfiltered honey, organic comfrey, organic St. Johnís Wort, organic fo-ti-tieng, organic ginseng, organic orange leaves, organic echinacea, organic gotu kola, organic calendula, organic ginseng, organic linden, organic elder flowers, organic essential oil of lavender vera, essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine.