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Our Sea Mineral Baths are wonderful, therapeutic baths formulated from the purest and richest salt on earth, derived from the Celtic sea. It is sun dried to preserve all minerals, and therefore is of great benefit to health and beauty.



This therapeutic combination removes toxin from the skin and body.
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This formula regenerates tired and aging skin and body. ...tell me more.


Are you tired or exhausted? Do you need energy and stamina? This bath is the answer for you! ...tell me more.


A relaxing bath to relieve anxiety and stress. ...tell me more.


Life seems easier and more enjoyable in minutes as your emotions get balanced and soothed. ...tell me more.


This formulation of herbs and aromas is designed to eliminate dryness and thus prevent aging of the skin. ...tell me more.


Body Care

For soft and aromatic skin choose our creamy, luscious Herbal Body Cream or apply our soothing and nurturing Aroma Bath and Body Oils after bathing or showering. They are made from organic oils, herbs and aroma, and are exquisitely luxurious!

Bath & Body Oils:


Choose the uplifting orange aroma or lavender for balance. ...tell me more.


Choose the uplifting orange aroma or lavender for balance. ...tell me more.


Try this oil when you are tired and need a good energy boost. ...tell me more.


This magical oil brings a feeling of joy in minutes. This is our most popular oil for a gift for all ages. ...tell me more.


Help relieve anxiety and stress in body and mind. ...tell me more.


Massage on chest or bathe in this oil to help relieve congestion and ease breathing. ...tell me more.


Massage this herbal oil on sore and tense muscles. ...tell me more.


Eases the mind and helps you get a restful sleep. ...tell me more.


Natural plant hormones contained in herbs and essential oils help balance menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. ...tell me more.


Our customers report great success with this oil!"  ...tell me more.


Customers report that even old stretch marks disappear in time with regular application of this oil. ...tell me more.

“After the first application (of the Anti-Aging Program), the skin feels and looks softer, smoother. It has a natural blush for more circulation. Soon after applying it nightly, lines diminish. I see results even with deep lines, pigmentation and large pores. This is the most effective program I have ever encountered and the beauty of it is that it is totally natural. Now I never have to feel bad about recommending a product with chemicals that I know are not good for my clients.”
      Cynthia Laughlin, Esthetician
Fairfield, Iowa