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Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program - For All Skin Types and Ages

The Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program is unique in the world today because of its unsurpassed quality, purity, freshness and effectiveness. The Helena Meyer Company uses only natural, organic ingredients which restore radiance, youthfulness, and suppleness to the skin, and counteract the effects of aging, environmental pollutants, sun damage and stress. People who use the Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program often report overnight results. Dry skin becomes supple and moist, sensitive skin becomes balanced, oily skin becomes normalized, and the texture and pores of all skin types become more refined. Customers report diminished or disappearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and acne.

Helena Meyer's 4-Step Anti-Aging Treatment includes a unique synergy of therapeutic certified organic herbs high in vitamins C, A and E. These ingredients create a powerful anti-oxidant effect that removes free radicals and the damage done by them, thus providing the basis for preventing aging of the skin. In addition, collagen, which is responsible for skin's elasticity, is restored.

a smaller beautiful rose “I started using Helena Meyer products 10 years ago, and although I’ve gotten older, my skin doesn’t seem like it’s aged. In fact, I think the texture has even improved over the years. Since using the Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program, my skin has firmed noticeably, fine lines have practically vanished, the color is healthy and radiant, and it feels alive! I can only praise Helena Meyer products to the highest, or else I would never have stayed with them for such a long time. They feel and smell so good, and make me feel good all over!” a smaller beautiful rose

Carol Sheppman, San Diego


The 4-Step Anti-Aging Treatment:


Exfoliates, removes make-up and dirt, and deeply cleanses pores. Skin will be soft, moist and radiant. ...tell me more.


Adds fluid to the skin, improves firmness. Prevents aging. ...tell me more.


Removes toxins from cells. Feeds and restores elasticity of collagens to make skin soft and youthful. ...tell me more.


An important step to balance skin, even out skin tone and make skin soft and fragrant. ...tell me more.


Please note: For a more moisturizing effect, you can replace the morning application of Cell Regenerating Cream with one of our moisturizers. To choose which moisturizer is best for you, go by the following criteria:

For normal skin: Choose either Rose Petal Regular Moisturizer with Bulgarian
Damask Rose aroma, or Calendula Regular Moisturizer with a refreshing orange mandarin aroma.
For more sensitive skin: Spearmint Moisturizer.
For extremely sensitive skin: Choose either St. John's Wort Moisturizer or Herbal Soothing Moisturizer
For oily skin: Lemon Moisturizer
For acne prone skin: Sandalwood Moisturizer.
For dry or mature skin: Choose either Jasmine Moisturizer with the exotic aroma of jasmine, or the always popular Lavender Moisturizer.


Additional Anti-Aging Products for the Face


These excellent products can be used in conjunction with the Anti-Aging Program, or on their own. For fine lines, mature skin or wrinkles add the appropriate product to your daily routine.


Deeply nourishing and regenerating - a rich cream for extremely dry and mature skin. Use at night for advanced skin rejuvenation. ...tell me more.


For dry skin, mature skin, fine lines & weak tissue - this is an ambrosia you cannot resist. And it's quick and easy to use!. ...tell me more.


Herbal synergy to regenerate skin. It has even removed scars for many customers. ...tell me more.


Superb Supplemental Anti-Aging Products for the Eyes and Neck:


Both the eye and neck treatment consists of two products: an oil and a cream. In eye care, the oil is optional in addition to the cream. In neck care the oil is a part of the treatment and should always be used along with the cream.


Light and penetrating to prevent lines around eyes. ...tell me more.


A concentrated miracle for easing crow's feet and lines around the eyes. Recommended for mature skin. ...tell me more.


Use together as a wonderful treatment to prevent and treat aging of the neck. A must for mature skin! ...tell me more.


Anti-Aging Products for the Body:


Our face is not the only area that can show signs of aging. These wonderful anti-aging products for the body are deeply nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing to help keep you looking and feeling more youthful.


This luscious herbal body cream is deeply moisturizing and renewing for silky soft, youthful looking skin. Choose lavender for balance, or uplifting orange aroma. ...tell me more.


This luscious herbal body cream is deeply moisturizing and renewing for silky soft, youthful looking skin. Choose lavender for balance, or uplifting orange aroma. ...tell me more.


Enjoy soft and beautiful hands with this emollient hand cream, rich with restorative organic herbs and essential oil of lemon. ...tell me more.


The name says it all. This synergy of energizing herbs revitalizes the nerve endings in the feet. The benefit is felt all over the body. Dry skin gets soft and feet feel and look great!
...tell me more.


For best results use this highly effective oil with Nail & Cuticle Cream.
 ...tell me more.


Customers report wonderful results from using this rich, penetrating cream that protects and softens cuticles. ...tell me more.


This rejuvenating therapeutic formula regenerates tired and aging skin and body. ...tell me more.


With wonderful anti-aging properties, this bath & body oil is great when you are tired and need a good energy boost...tell me more.