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What is Unique About Helena Meyer
Organic Skin & Body Care Products?

  Every product is made fresh, by hand and with loving attention. Our consciousness and love permeates every single cleanser & moisturizer. You will feel the healing energy every time you open a jar.
  A deeply blissful effect is experienced in one's entire being when a product is completely pure. Our clients report that they cannot wait until evening when they get to do their Helena Meyer skin routine. One client reports, "My entire being gets rejuvenated - not only my skin. I feel blissful and nurtured."
  The certified organic herbs, oils and essential oils are blended in accordance with Helena's centuries old family tradition of naturopathic doctors and ancient principles of Ayurveda.
  We use only the freshest and purest herbs, oils and products for your skin care needs.
  We fortify our products with gems in order to magnify the potency and effectiveness of all ingredients and the final product. This process greatly influences the regeneration of skin cells - and the quicker cells regenerate, the more youthful the skin appears.