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Questions & Answers

Q. "How quickly will I see results? And how many people get results?"

Results vary with factors such as age of user, duration of hair loss, and the cause of the problem. Most clients experience initial results (i.e. reduction of hair loss) within two months, and hair growth after five months. After 7 years on the market, Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor has had a 75% success rate for people in the beginning to intermediate stages of hair loss.

Q. "Do I need to continue using your product forever?"

Once our clients have achieved the results they desire, we recommend using our product once every two weeks for maintenance, not everyday (but this is NOT necessary, just recommended). Our product is not like Rogaine® where you have to use it everyday for the rest of your life or your hair will fall out. Incidentally, because this product is so nourishing to the hair and scalp we have customers who use the product even though they've never had a problem with hair loss.

Q. "What side effects are associated with your product?"

None. By using only 100% all active botanical ingredients our product remains gentle to the hair and scalp, naturally.

Q. "I experienced some tingling sensations on the scalp during the first couple of days of using the product. Is this common?

Some people have this experience, but it's not necessary. It's a sign that dormant and undernourished hair follicles have begun to get stimulated and revitalized. It usually lasts for only a couple of days.

Q. "Can I use your product if I am using other hair loss products like Propecia® and Rogaine®?"

Customers report excellent results. If you plan on using our product with Rogaine®, simply use the products at different times of day so they do not mix.

Q. Can people with color treated or salon treated hair use this product?

Yes, Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor is compatible and effective with these as well as other hair products and treatments. Just use them at different times.

Q. "Will your product stop my hair loss even though I don't have a receding hair line or bald spots?"

Our product is effective at preventing and reversing baldness and stopping hair loss regardless of whether the loss is uniformly distributed or localized.

Q. "Can women use the product?"

Women experience great success as well. Because Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor is gentle, and possesses no side effects, this all-natural formula appeals to women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.

Q. "Will it work on receding hair as well as bald spots?"

All areas of the scalp will benefit from our product. Those areas which lost hair most recently will show the first results. Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor can either be applied to the entire scalp or only to the affected areas.

Q. "What kind of shampoo do you recommend?"

A good shampoo must gently clean your hair and scalp without causing any dryness or irritation. The detergents should be mild, effective, and botanical in origin. Avoid harsh shampoos. Conditioners and cream rinses should leave minimal residue, not clog hair follicles, and not irritate the scalp. We offer Hair Regain Therapeutic Shampoo which is formulated to increase the effectiveness of the topical treatment.

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