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Introducing Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor

Stop hair loss, reverse baldness, and grow hair
with DHT inhibitors, nutrients and follicle stimulators

“My friend gave me a bottle
saying it's the best. Now I know
he was telling the truth because
my hair loss has stopped and I
can run my fingers through my
hair again without fear."

- R. Washington, age 38, Georgia

“My barber suggested using
Hair Regain one year ago.
I couldn’t be more pleased. I have
more hair than a decade ago. No
more comb-overs!”
– J. Cunningham, Tampa , FL

"I have been using Hair Regain
for 2 months now and I have
seen a lot of change in the look
of the hair as well as an
improvement in hair loss. It has
definitely slowed down and you
can't see through to my
scalp anymore."
- Emma L., age 29, NC

“My hair was so thin and getting
worse. I've seen great results
with Hair Regain. My hair is
returning to normal."
- Judy B, Arkansas

Our Guarantee

We are so confident you'll be
pleased with the results from
using Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor
that we back our product with a
6 month money back guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with the
results after using the product
daily for 6 months,
we will give you a full refund.
We want to please every

Our Commitment To Purity

The botanicals used in
Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor are
of the highest quality, potency
and purity. Only the freshest
botanicals are sourced by the manufacturer. This provides the
consumer with a product that
contains herbs that are of the
highest strength and efficacy.

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100% All Natural Ingredients
With No Side Effects

Stop Hair Loss And Promote Hair Regrowth The Natural Way

Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on hair loss products that produce only marginal results and have potential side effects? Now you can get guaranteed natural hair regrowth with no side effects for a fraction of the cost. After 7 years on the market and thousands of satisfied customers, Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor is the most effective hair loss treatment available in the world today.

We are proud to offer a product made from 100% botanicals specifically chosen for their hair growing properties . Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor is the most advanced all-natural hair loss and baldness treatment on the market. Hair Regain is a topical treatment that you apply to the scalp once daily. And because it contains no alcohol or oil it won't dry out the scalp or leave a greasy residue. We guarantee that within six months your hair loss will stop and new hair will begin growing.

DHT: The Primary Cause Of Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as male or female pattern baldness, was only partially understood until recently. For many years, scientists thought that it was caused by the hormone testosterone. While testosterone is at the core of the balding process, it is now known that Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, is the primary agent responsible for hair loss and thinning hair. Abundant amounts of DHT constrict the follicle, and if left untreated hair loss will be permanent.

How Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor Grows Hair

1. Neutralizes DHT: The patent pending formula prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT, inhibiting DHT's ability to bind to cellular receptor sites, increasing the breakdown and excretion of DHT and inhibiting reductase, an enzyme involved in the creation of DHT. Once DHT levels in the scalp are decreased, the cycle of hair loss experienced by dormant follicles is corrected allowing new hair regrowth to resume.

2. Cleans the Scalp: Clogged or harshly treated hair follicles can also contribute to hair loss. Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor eliminates clogged hair follicles by dissolving the dead skin cells, solidified scalp oil (sebum), and shampoo residues that can contribute to premature hair loss, restoring moisture balance to the hair and scalp, and protecting hair from further damage.

3. Nourishes and Stimulates Hair Follicles: Nutritionally deficient follicles (NDF) can also cause hair to become weak and fall out prematurely. Hair Regain saturates your follicles with the nutrition you need to promote hair growth and increase blood flow to the scalp, including amino acids, minerals and capsicum. With proper nutrition and increased blood flow, dormant follicles can begin producing healthy hair once again.

What to Expect

Within one to four weeks Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor users notice stronger, thicker, fuller looking hair due to the existing hair shafts becoming thicker and stronger. In two to five months excessive hair loss will stop. For many, this alone is a huge success, especially if the individual is in the initial stage of hair loss and balding. New hair will appear after five to six months of use. At first the new hair will be thin due to the direct correlation between how long a hair follicle has been compromised by DHT and how soon it responds to treatment. It is important to understand that this process will begin where your hair last fell out.

How Hair Regain Is Applied

Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor is a topical treatment that you apply to the scalp once daily. We recommend that you apply this liquid formula at night because the optimum time for cell regeneration is during sleep, although it can be applied at any time of the day. It can also be applied twice a day if desired, once in the morning and once before sleep. Because Hair Regain contains no alcohol or oil it won't dry out the scalp or leave a greasy residue. This liquid formula takes only a few moments to apply to the scalp, and dries quickly. Through consistent daily use you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of Hair Regain DHT Inhibitor –- an end to hair loss, and lasting hair regrowth.