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The DHT Blockers:


Our premier ingredients are Saw Palmetto and Nettles. These DHT Inhibitors naturally and gently reduce the effects DHT plays in hair loss and thinning hair. This breakthrough botanical discovery is the best chance that compromised hair follicles have to begin growing healthy hair again.


Ingredients that Gently Clean and Nourish the Scalp:

Lemongrass: This herb helps to remove scalp build up and normalizes oil product in the scalp. It also increases fullness and body of the hair.

Horsetail: This herb is excellent for the hair. Itís valued for its high levels of amino acids, phytosterols, and silica. It strengthens, conditions, and makes the hair more resilient, and normalizes oil production of skin so hair follicles wonít get clogged by oil and sebum. It also is a natural source of vegetal silica which helps with split ends, and helps to add sheen and elasticity.

Sage: Sage is a purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringent botanical that is a wonderful conditioner for the hair. It not only has an active agent to eliminate hair loss but it strengthens and thickens the current hair shaft as well.

Rosemary: This herb is a purifying and antiseptic agent that cleanses the hair follicles of any build up, and stimulates the hair root to grow hair. It also adds to the sheen of the hair.

Aloe Vera: The gel found within the leaves of this plant has remarkable properties including healing, soothing, antibacterial, antiseptic, emollient and moisturizing qualities. Studies have shown that Aloe Vera enhances cellular regeneration and has remarkable results for the hair and scalp.

Alpha Hydroxy: Alpha hydroxy, which is made from honey, gently removes dead skin cells, scalp oil, and hair product residue that combine to form deposits that clog hair follicles.

Capsicum: Brings good blood flow to the scalp and causes histamine release which stimulates cell division, encouraging new hair growth. It also is a strong circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles.

Ginger: Ginger is a circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles and a stimulant for hair growth. It is also high in fatty acids which are recommended for hair loss, stunted growth and thinning hair.


Ingredients that Condition the Hair:

Hops: Hops contains volatile oil that works as both a highly effective hair conditioner and gives body to the hair.

Wild Cherry Bark: Has properties that makes the hair smooth, silky, and adds body to the hair.

It is precisely because such a wide variety of pure bio-extracts are used, renowned for their hair growing properties, that we are able to stand so firmly behind our product. Because there are no harsh man-made chemicals, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.


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